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Designing a structure for a building is straightforward.
Designing it well is more challenging.
This is what we do.

Our Philosophy

Working in conjunction with Architects and Clients we support their aims and aspirations and use our creative ability and innovative thinking, along with all available technology, to allow our clients to achieve their desired result.

We promote a culture of creativity, innovation and quality in the firm and we are always striving to produce a better, more innovative and economical structural solution.

We specifically aim to work with award winning Architects on innovative buildings and structures to produce quality developments that will stand the test of time.

We are using the latest information available on materials, products and technology along with the latest in sustainable thinking to promote efficient and economical engineering designs in today’s environment.

We believe that quality design and the clarity of information imparted on drawings will be reflected into the quality of the construction on site.

Our Approach to Materials

Understanding the limits and properties of materials allows those materials to be exploited to achieve the best results from their inherent properties. A simple example is that concrete is best used in compression while steel is best in tension.

We have extensive experience in specifying materials for use in different environments from as varying as swimming pools to pharmaceutical plants to locations in coastal environments.

We have previously designed creative structures by the efficient use and choice of materials.

Examples would be
  • tension structures so materials are working to their limit but yet kept small.
  • the use of timber and aluminium in corrosive environments.
  • the use of stressed skin structures to achieve the most from the materials used and to exploit the form and shape of the materials.
  • the use of concrete as a compressive and ballast element.
  • the use of plastics and composite materials
  • the use of structural glass


Ideas and imagination are what defines our best work. Our best work stems from the best ideas – the best solution to solve the problem. Sometimes the best is the simplest, sometimes the best is more complex, sometimes it pushes the properties of materials to their limits, sometimes it uses a combination. Without the ability to imagine – the optimum solutions would not appear.

We pride ourselves in spending time at the start of a project exploring the possible structural solutions and options. We examine the possible outcomes, investigate the interaction of these solutions and study the restrictions imposed. The solutions are narrowed down when compared with the project concept and architectural intent and then they can be presented to the architect, client and design team so that a decision can be reached as to which solution is the most favourable one to proceed with.

Our Team

John Casey

Managing Director

John Casey qualified in 1991 from University College Dublin where he studied Civil Engineering. He became a Chartered Engineer in 1998 and he has practiced as a Consulting Engineer specialising in building structures in Dublin since graduating. Over this period, John worked with numerous different Clients, Architects, Design Teams and Contractors on many exciting and varied projects.

John Pigott


John joined CORA in 2007 and has since become an integral part of the team. John qualified in 2002 from DIT with a degree in Structural Engineering, became a director of CORA in 2012 and attained Chartered Engineer status in 2014. Prior to joining CORA, he worked with Consulting Engineers in Dublin where he gained wide ranging design experience in all aspects of design.

John McMenamin


John qualified in 2003 from DIT Bolton with a degree in Structural Engineering and has since worked in consultancy practices in Ireland & Australia delivering projects in the Educational, Defence, Manufacturing and Financial sectors for both private & public bodies. He has completed diplomas in Project Management and in Applied Building Repair & Conservation. John joined CORA in 2012 as a Senior Engineer, and became a Director in 2017.

Lisa Edden

Associate Director

Lisa has over 30 years post graduate experience in designing solutions for the stabilisation and restoration of buildings grand and vernacular, particularly historic masonry and timber structures. She has a thorough understanding of building and repair processes and the materials involved.

Kevin O’Mahony

Associate Director

Kevin is a Chartered Member of Engineers Ireland and the Institution of Structural Engineers. His experience and knowledge in all aspects of structural engineering has been built up over 25 years. Kevin brings enthusiasm and professionalism to each project, constantly seeking to achieve best value while achieving the client’s design and delivery aspirations. Kevin has a proven track record delivering complex projects in the Irish Market.

Our Clients